Monday, May 30, 2011

TV - ISUZU -"Joe Isuzu Save a Billion"

This was the last Joe Isuzu spot. It was my first TV commercial ever. I had written a running footage spot, because that's what junior copywriters at their first big agency do. Unfortunately, the client saw the script and thought it would be good for Joe. The entire creative department at Della Femina LA tried to talk them out of it, since they had all been working on getting a Joe spot for the previous six months, and this was just written to be a throwaway, running footage, $1000 off, local dealer spot. But the client insisted. And instead of a VO and an editing room, we had a shoot. With cameras and a director and makeup and catering and everything. The whole shebang. Since I had been in the advertising business a total of nine months, I figured I was just an innocent bystander, with a bit of dumb luck. The other creatives saw it differently. Somehow, I was a client-pleasing, brown-nosing, manipulative kiss-ass. Even though I had never met even one of the clients, and had yet to say more than a eight words to anyone at the agency above the position of junior account executive. Oh well, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.